Vita Occulta The Secret World Inside Your Bag

The Way to Freedom


According to Aztec mythology, the dead come once a year to visit their loved ones. Relatives then prepare treats for them and spend part of the night together. This concept is an aesthetic and spiritual inspiration for Vita Occulta handbags. Another important influence is, of course, the pirate-punk aesthetics of the legendary Vivien Westwood with her Victorian adornment and direct revolt, all connected with the search for new connections in our times. The shape of the handbag comes from the 50s and 60s. At that time, the purse reached its highest level of design, and the ladies simply knew how to wear it. The Vita Occulta style is a combination of an elegant handmade handbag with an altarpiece-like assemblage hidden inside each piece. The original motifs are never repeated, and each of the handbags is totally unique, the only one in the world.
We also offer a custom-made handbag where everyone can choose his own handbag color and together we can create the altar content. Because the altar should have a personal meaning for each wearer, I will ask you about many things. Your own Vita Occulta handbag will be a personal piece of art that you can't buy in any store. Vita Occulta is not for everyone. It is for those who have the courage to wear it and to get on the road.

Vita Occulta is a Slow Fashion Czech brand that offers hand-tailored stylish and original handbags and also Tote bags - spacious shopping bags decorated with colored bones. All the bags are made of high quality velvet, vegan leather or denim. The handbags are firmly padded and the lining is sewn from hand-printed satin.

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